Why Hire a Professional Mobile Disco and DJ



So you’re planning a party and you’re not sure who is going to entertain the guests. Well, one of the cheapest and most effective ways is by hiring a professional mobile disco service. There are of course a few details to think about before you hire a DJ and mobile disco.

What sort of party or event are you planning? Maybe a Wedding reception, Corporate Event, Christmas party or a surprise Birthday party? That is one end of the scale, and perhaps what you would say are more popular, ‘standard’ parties. What if you need a DJ for a Boxing event or Dancing competition?



Any party will need a professional DJ, however, think about your guests and what you want to hear. Say the party is for your Uncles 50th Birthday and an 18-year-old DJ and their mobile disco turns up! It may turn out that the young DJ knows his music from the 60’s and 70’s but it is doubtful they will be able to constantly play the right music for a load 50-year-olds. You will, of course, want a DJ that knows their music, not only from the 60’s or 70’s but the 80’s and today’s chart topper. And vice versa, you do not want a 50-year-old DJ turning up with a load of old, dusty records to an 18-year-olds Birthday party. As you can appreciate hiring the wrong DJ could cause embarrassment for you, the party planner, your guests, and the DJ.


What you must remember is a DJ can turn the most boring or reserved people into party animals by simply ‘getting involved and interacting with the audience. The DJ has one of the most power tools to hand, the microphone. The microphone, used in a nice and professional manner is a marvelous tool to get people who are sat down up, and on the dance floor At a Wedding it is essential that the DJ can use a microphone to introduce the newly wed couple and present them to the guests. The DJ will have to announce and invite the couple to the dance floor for their first dance. Maybe it is a Birthday party and what would expect to hear at a Birthday party? The Happy Birthday song of course! Once again the DJ will need to lower the music and get the crowd starting, maybe the DJ can sing along (if the DJ can sing or not?).


OK so you’re happy with how the DJ has presented themselves but that is one part of a complete mobile disco’. Another part that makes a mobile disco is the equipment, sound & light the DJ is planning on using. Let’s start with the DJ mixing equipment. The DJ should have 2 CD players or turntable so that the music is mixed live using at least a 2 channel mixer. This way the DJ can easily change the genre of music to suit the audience. The sound equipment should be PAT, which stands for portable appliance testing, and this is peace of mind for you that the equipment will be in good working order. There is nothing worse than the bass cutting out during a set! The same goes for the lighting equipment, it must come with PAT, otherwise, you could end up dancing in the dark!


Finally, the DJ must present to you their public liability insurance which will cover the DJ and their mobile disco equipment and of course you and the guests.

A mobile disco and professional DJ is a win – win situation whatever the occasion, as long as the DJ is professional and well experienced you can be sure the party or event will be a good and memorable one!