Wedding DJ – LiIliebrooke Manor



A special wedding barn with just enough essential aspects to make your day special. You receive an amazing experience of beauty and a rustic ambiance as the original structure is still strong and in place. Upon arrival you are lead up the gravel driveway and then into the main grounds where a stunning display of old farming carts and flower baskets look stunning. There many photo opportunities, especially in-front of the fields where yellow rap-seed grows.

The barn itself is perfect! Everything is under one roof, which from a DJ’s perspective is perfect. No one running into other rooms to hang out at the bar all night! Wherever the bar, DJ and dance-floor is in the same room will be the perfect recipe for an all-round great party!

A barn wedding definitely offers a different feel compared to a hotel for example, but the feedback is always positive! You have more freedom to make your own and perfect setting.

We can always work with you if you have a particular theme or something special in mind.