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Let us take care of your special day with one of our professional and very entertaining Wedding DJ’s. Weddings are something that we are experts in.  No matter what type of reception you are in need of we have the perfect wedding DJ for you within London and the UK.

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Your wedding is unique. It is a day that you and your friends will remember with pleasure forever. It is extremely important to us that you will be very happy with our wedding disco, with peace of mind that everyone will have been fully entertained!

Hire an experienced Wedding DJ from us and you get someone with music that fills the dance floor and who is passionate about entertaining the crowd. We play what you want to hear. Nothing else. For you to get the perfect wedding DJ, we recommend that you contact us for a meeting where you can present your ideas, so we know how we can contribute to your perfect celebration.

We know there is a lot to think about before your wedding, so when it comes to your booking, we have made it easy for you. With your information, we can offer a great wedding disco service at an affordable price whatever your budget. Here we have made it really easy and simple for you to hire a wedding DJ for your extra special big day! 

We are happy to tailor an approach according to your wishes. To make a request or a reservation, please email or call us directly and we will tell you what we can do to make you party a success! 


Mixed Music for the whole audience. The Wedding DJ that plays the music YOU want. 

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We find that wedding parties are the most enjoyable occasion to play for – everyone is there to help make you happy and they’re also ready for a great and memorable evening. The music makes the night tick along and comes alive, so we only play what you want. We welcome playlists from you and your guests and these can be emailed prior to the big day. We have over 40,000 songs from new to old and international ready to play immediately. Whether you want classic wedding party tunes, Dance & Old Skool or R’n’B and current pop, oh and everything else, you are in very safe hands. We make the 1st dance a very special moment for the bride & groom and can help you with the planning and routines.

No venue is too big or too small for our sound & light equipment so why not get in touch and tell us more about your special day.


Wedding Disco | Hints and Tips

It’s only natural that the celebration of a wedding is something very special for the Bride & Groom. It’s also a special arrangement because the complete focus is on the Bride & Groom and their wishes – nothing else. It is a unique time in your life where everything is about you (the bride & groom). We Professional wedding DJ and mobile discorecommend a meeting to discuss all the ideas you have where we can add and contribute to making your wedding party even more special than you initially thought. Entertaining, playing the best music throughout the night and giving the best possible sound and light is our main priority.

We often ask the following questions and then advise accordingly:


  • How many guests are attending?
  • Where and what is the name of your venue?
  • Are you having a 1st dance?
  • What sort of music do you like?
  • What time do you want the DJ to start / finish?
  • Are you having a live band also?
  • Do you want the DJ to set up before or after the dinner?
  • Have you thought about extra lighting to decorate the venue?

What time should the DJ setup?

As many married couples will tell you – it is hard to keep to the time schedule, so we like to say “use a guideline”. You should wedding mobile disco, wedding DJ servicealways keep in mind that delays are possible and anticipate problems. The DJ normally kicks off with music after the wedding breakfast, coffee and cake cutting, so all that is left is to dance and have a great party! Any good Mobile DJ should need around 1 – 1.5 hours to setup and sound / light test. It’s important to let us know how the venue will be set up and how guests will be seated, so we know whether to set up before the dinner.






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The 1st Dance

The next big step in your marriage and the last milestone before the party begins. You may have been rehearsing your dance moves but without question, this is a very important part of the wedding which must go well. Our DJs have witnessed countless dances including slow and romantic moments to 5-minute routines when we have put together live a mega mix. The DJ should announce all guests to gather around the floor to watch and cheer on the bride & groom who will be welcomed on as Mr & Mrs. It is completely up to you what song you dance to, however couples generally go for songs that mean something special to them, but it can be fun to go for something a little different.  Typically a song will last 3 minutes and it can be a great idea to invite guests to the join in before the song ends then BINGO you have a busy dance floor!

The Music

Very much different from other celebrations age groups are broad and playing for the whole audience can sometimes be hard. Keeping the music happy, commercial and well known and fun is key to making a wedding party successful. The DJ should adapt to all music tastes and mix up the genres to keep people on their toes and fully entertained. Playlists are recommended – but keep in mind not everyone will like the same songs. Essentially it is beneficial to let the DJ use their experience by playing the appropriate music, or if using a playlist playing the right song at the right time. Taking requests are also good to get the DJ to play music people want and keeping the audience involved.


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What DJ equipment is needed?

Budgets are varied and skies are the limit when adding extra lighting and sound around your venue. A standard disco setup will include; 2 top speakers, 2 bottom speakers for bass, lighting to cover the dance floor area and of course DJ mixing decks and a microphone. Best Event boasts using high quality at affordable prices and we think that is the best solution. Read more about our DJ equipment so you get a good idea about the quality you can expect when using our DJ hire service. All wishes are accepted and we have the resources to setup the venue however you want.

Decorative Lighting

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The darkest of venues can be totally transformed using controlled up-lighting and magical effects can easily be created. These are controlled by the DJ and can project many different colours to fit the venues lighting or your theme. You can have soft and calm, or bright and strong colour themes. During the first dance, we can direct the light to the Bride & Groom to make the event extra special and romantic. Keeping a consistent colour and look really does make a difference and by the DJ visiting they can make suggestions.

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