How the Wedding DJ Can Make Your Guests Feel Special



Your wedding is not just a celebration of your love together as a couple; it is also a way to thank the special people in your life. A Wedding DJ can make special shout outs and dedications to certain individuals to make them feel special, when they were least expecting it. The wedding DJ can say a big thank you from bride & groom to maybe the best man or to someone else who means something to your wedding celebration.

Married couples should give as much thought to the evening wedding reception as with any other detail during the wedding day. When you hire a wedding DJ you’re bringing someone into the mix who has an interest in making people feel special and part of your wedding celebration. You can sure when a wedding DJ, for example, plays the father of brides favorite song that  he will be going for it on the dance floor! Make your guests feel special, make them feel beautiful, and make them feel part of your wedding!
You can think of many ideas and ask the wedding DJ their thoughts, whether it’s a special playlist, or maybe some party games or Karaoke, they will advise the best solution to suit and entertain you and your guests.

Here are a few things to think about that your wedding DJ can bring to the table to help make your guests feel extra special.

* Find out who has been married the longest. As an example, say the grooms parents have been married 25 years and your wedding DJ can play a certain song that makes the grooms parents feel special. Of course the wedding DJ is not going to focus on them, and away from you, but it is a nice gesture that will take only 3 minutes of the evening! Maybe one of your guests can ask the wedding DJ during the night to make a special dedication to the bride and groom and share a past special memory by playing a certain song that means something. Remember the microphone is a powerful tool and people will do almost anything. If the wedding DJ says “jump” then everyone will jump!

* Maybe someone special can appear on the dance floor in fancy dress, or dressed in a uniform or certain attire that is meaningful. What about if the best man or an usher comes out to the dance floor in fancy dress to dance to a song which will bring back a good past memory to the bride & groom. You can ask the wedding DJ during the night to drop the music to introduce the person coming out to surprise the bride (for example) on the microphone, so as to get the audience’s attention, and to add to the atmosphere, which is already electric. Maybe an extra present or something will be presented to the bride or groom at this point. Whatever little extra thing you plan, just make sure you inform the wedding DJ in good time so as they can get prepared and ready. The wedding DJ is someone neutral and can play a big part in making the wedding reception extra special

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