How Using the Microphone Changed the Night




So after many gigs in London’s Zenna Bar down Soho we finally get on the microphone! There are so many Bars in London and the DJ needs to stand out and there are two ways they can do this; playing good music and interacting on the microphone. Most DJ’s will be up to date and clued up on their music (as they should be), however, getting on the microphone to say happy Birthday, or congratulations, creates a good and uplifting atmosphere to the bar environment. Some bars in London, which have music only policy probably have regular customers that go for the music only, so maybe a specific genre.

From experience, any venue which relies on group bookings to get busy should be open to how they operate and what music / microphone policies they implemented. If a group of 5, 10, 20 people book an area, they will be expecting a good night! A birthday celebration should definitely get a shout out, especially for the individual who is celebrating their birthday. One happy large group will create a ripple effect amongst other customers and you will see after a short while an entire crowd enjoying the night and lapping up the atmosphere.

If you hire a DJ in London and they advise and want to use the microphone – let them use one! A good DJ should be able to make a judgement better than anyone else working at the venue. Of course, if there is a strict policy set in place, then this should probably be obeyed.