Tips on What to ask the DJ Before you Hire the DJ



When you need to hire a DJ it is worth knowing a few things that you wouldn’t typically know. If you search online for a mobile disco there are many websites that offer the same service, but not all will provide the same price and service. It really depends on what sort of occasion you’re celebrating and how large the party will be in terms of numbers attending and venue size. Every enquiry we get will normally be the prospect asking us ‘how much does it cost to hire a Dj?’, which is fair enough but it’s hard to say first off without knowing some information. The DJ will ask you a few questions to enable them to provide a quote, but there are some questions to ask to give you peace of mind that you’re getting the real deal! There are general questions you should ask the DJ on the phone / email before making a booking.


1. What do I get for my money, equipment wise?


You’re spending between £250 and up to £1000 for a disco service and although you may not understand the technicalities about the sound and light, it would be nice to know what you’re getting.  All equipment should come PAT (portable appliance testing) certified and the DJ should have public liability insurance otherwise they’re breaking the law.



2 .How much experience do you have?


Great question to ask any mobile disco company! Most DJs start their careers in bars and clubs so you may need to think about hiring a DJ who doesn’t have much experience in the mobile disco and private party entertainment sector.



3. How do you get people dancing?



There is only one way the DJ can get people dancing and that is by playing the RIGHT music for everyone. They must take requests throughout the night and make a judgment as to whether they’re the right songs to play. Also, using their eyes and experience to engage the crowd and work out what music would suit everyone best.  This is probably the most important task for the DJ to accomplish and that is to get people dancing.


4. Ask the DJ personal question?


Well, you may find it hard to ask someone’s age, so the best and most comfortable way of finding out whether the DJ will be too old or young for the gig is by talking about the current music chart. Personally, I wouldn’t want a very young DJ playing at my wedding as they probably wouldn’t be able to cater for all age groups. Although there are a lot of fantastic songs in the current charts the oldies will only dance to a few and the rest of the music will always be classics from the 80’ 90’s etc. Also, the other way applies – you do not want someone in their 60’s playing at an 18th Birthday party because they may not be up to date with music, fashion and everything else that goes with it.