The Ultimate Guide to your Wedding First Dance 



The wedding first dance music list you’ll need to help overcome that question: Which song should we dance to?? 

Wondering what song to have for your wedding first dance?

Need some hot tips on what to dance to? This video should help you in making that daunting but VERY important decision and take off some of that pressure.  Choosing a professional Wedding DJ is a safe choice and their expertise will help you successfully coordinate the wedding first dance.

The ultimate guide to the most popular First Dance Wedding Songs. Through the years of the past to 2015, these are the most popular and beautiful first dance wedding songs.  Choosing the right first dance wedding song is not only important but this act of love is also the last and significant moment on your special day.

  I’ve seen some excellent, superb first dance performances to big classics like John Legend & All of Me to Sir Mix Alot & Baby Got Back where the bride and groom had something special in store for their guests.




How about a First Dance routine?  Want to surprise everyone?


This is your moment to not only share the love you have for one another but also to impress your guests!  Whoever is playing your first dance wedding song; get them involved and make sure they know what you want to achieve.  

A Wedding DJ can work with you and capture the audience’s attention and get them involved, keeping your first dance moment in full control and wonderful flow!  

Imagine, you the bride and groom being the focus point and many emotional guests watching you both enjoying the moment.


In the video below you’ll see an epic & perfect example of a mash-up first dance routine.  Are they the best dancers? Probably not, but did they put some thought, practice, and dedication in? Yes, they did!  

Furthermore, the crowd loved it and they’ll treasure and talk about your routine for a long time.





Keep it a secret!  

Don’t go spoiling it by telling your best mate who’s going to tell everyone else!  Don’t even tell the parents – just keep it to yourselves and the DJ or band.  There’s nothing better than a good surprise! 


Want some tips from a professional Wedding DJ like me?

#Tip1 Go with your gut instincts and if either of you (the bride & groom) do not agree – speak up and say something!  

I’ve seen the result and it ain’t good!  

The last thing you want is a half arsed first dance performance which is going to cause your first argument as a married couple.


#Tip2 Don’t get all technical on each other!  Sure he or she may have the better dancing shoes but why make the other look bad or embarrassed?  Keep it simple and robust like a slow dance, or if you want to do a routine or mash-up, pick some songs that don’t require months of choreography practice.  

Funny video! This routine couldn’t be any more simple but guess what happens? Take a look and let me know if the above advice makes sense..




#Tip4 Don’t show off Mr!  Taking risks is what a true champion does, right?  Maybe so, but during your first dance on the first day of your marriage is very optimistic and risky.  If something goes wrong, you’ll have the father of the bride to answer to!


Funny video! This clip was featured all over the internet and media.  Don’t watch if you’re very sensitive.




#Tip5 For the ladies – do not forget you’re going to probably be wearing a long dress.  Have I seen a bride trip over her wedding dress?  You bet I have 🙁  Wear what you want and make sure to get some practice in (with an old long dress).


#Tip6 Make sure you confirm with the DJ the name’s and titles of the new Mr & Mrs, or maybe John & Stacey?  See what I mean?  You get one chance to make sure everything goes perfectly.  Saying the right names and/or titles is critical! If the wrong name’s are announced everyone will remember “yeah, first dance was beautiful, but the DJ said the wrong names!”  The first dance most go perfectly! 


#Tip7 Let the DJ or band do their thing!  I never have a great set if there is a complete control freak telling me what to do in every single detail!  The entertainer needs to know: your names, song choice, and a briefing, but that’s it! 


Funny video!  Although this “DJ” gets an awesome congo going with 5 people in it, he also makes a complete fool of himself.  Maybe some DJs need to be controlled, or better, sacked!  



#Tip8 There’s no better opportunity to get your audience on the dance floor to join in for your special moment.  The average songs duration is 3 – 4 minutes, so why not invite your guests after a couple of minutes.

P.S the dance floor will be busy and the DJ or band loves this!


#Tip9 Don’t stop looking at each other!  You’re the hot couple, the romantic lover birds so make sure you and everyone else knows that.  Remember, this is your moment! 


#Tip10 GET THE RIGHT SONG PLAYED!!  How many remixes are out there?  Loads!  A tip for the DJ or band and bride & groom – make sure you listen to the tune and agree it’s correct.  Better still, email over the song from your music collection.


Funny video! You’ve got to feel the pain for this newly married couple.  What a disaster!  Things can always go wrong, so be prepared or anticipate for errors (hopefully not as bad or embarrassing as this one).  



Wedding First Dance Questions for DJ or Band

wedding first dance 


#Question 1 How do you prepare for the first dance?

This is a nice open-ended question for the DJ to tell their secrets to success.  This is their time to tell you exactly how they’re going to help make your wedding and the first dance special.

Your entertainment should be on the ball,  sound experienced and very enthusiastic.  This is going to sound a bit cliché, but I treat every gig likes it’s my first. You’ll quickly pick out any weaknesses in character or professionalism or hesitant answers!  Treat the conversation like a relaxed interview.  

#Question 2 Is there a backup plan in place?  

Just ask the band or DJ this one question and you’ll want to hear:  “Yes, I/we have a backup system and 2 copies of your wedding first dance song.  “We’ll even listen to the song together and make sure it’s the right version or remix.”

#Question 3  Is our wedding date available? 

This one is obvious or at least, it should be!  Take nothing for granted folks and get the date confirmed straight away.  No point wasting time and taking the discussion further if the DJ or band is booked up.

#Question 4  How long have you been playing together (band)?

Bands need some time to gel and become a unified group.  Sure, individuals can be replaced, but do you want a bunch of strangers performing your first dance wedding song?! I don’t think so! First Dance - Best Event Mobile Disco

#Question 5  Got a lot of experience?

Important question!  Although there’s a first time for everything a wedding DJ should have plenty of gigs under their belt.  Personally, I started off on the bar/club scene then on to private and company parties before my first wedding gig. 

#Question 6  What mobile disco equipment do you use?

Imagine you’re about to have root-canal treatment and the first thing you see is a dentist with a rusty old drill that’s about to go in your mouth!  Imagine, you are 270 in a big room and the DJ walks in with 2 little speakers,  crap lights and no decks!  A band or DJ should have at least 2 x top and 2 x bass speakers, enough lighting for the dance floor and a professional DJ setup.  Nothing less will work! 

#Question 7 What music do you play?

There’s one right answer to this questions, so read carefully!  “We/DJ play’s whatever the audience and/or the bride & Groom wishes.  Don’t go booking a DJ who is ‘well into house music’ because they’re going to ruin your night by playing music for 10% of your guests, max!  A good wedding DJ plays for the wider audience and keeps the music commercial unless requested specifically. 

#Question 8 Do you use a Microphone (DJ)?

Using a mic isn’t for everyone (including some DJ’s), but if a wedding DJ can’t use a microphone, then they should get another job!  Presenting and master of ceremonies skills are key and introducing the bride and groom to the dance floor should be said clearly in a persuasive, professional, friendly and happy manner.  Make sure you don’t hire a big headed DJ who’s going to ramble on and talk over the music! 

#Question 9 Can we give you a list of songs to play and do you take requests?

To this day, I still hear that some DJs do not take requests or accept playlists.  I’ve got no idea how they get gigs!  I always accept playlists and it’s important that you get your favorite songs played.  Also, the DJ or band should know what songs NOT to play!  There’s nothing worse than playing your ex-wife’s favorite song.  You know what I mean!  Taking requests on the night is a good way to keep the wider audience involved and any pro entertainer will know what’s a good request and what’s a poor one. 

Check out this special dance for the groom!  For this to work the DJ had to play a list of specific & requested songs!  

Funny video!


#Question 10 Can I see some genuine testimonials?

Anyone can write a testimonial and slap it on their website, but with the power of social media and authentic testimonial generators, google reviews etc, it’s impossible to hide!  Even better, why not ask if you can contact some of the previous couples and get some feedback.  A great band or DJ will always have great testimonials! 


Wedding First Dance – Final word…


I’ve played for all sorts of people, different characters, different traditions, and tastes.  Some bride and groom couples want a low key occasion whilst others want a full blown and pumped up wedding party with big announcements and lots of attention, especially during the wedding first dance. Personally, I always like to request full attention from the guests with eyes and ears focused on the main event – the bride and grooom! 

Be comfortable telling the DJ if you’re not comfertable getting too much attention. This is your big day and the only day you’ll ever get!

 Funny video! I’m not sure if this DJ was very cheap, inexperienced or just damn right rubbish but it’s clear they do not have a backup plan!  Look at the faces of the bride and Groom!  It’s their wedding First Dance and it’s painful to watch!