How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget


Working out a Wedding budget can put stress and cause arguments. Communicating and working together by discussing your finances is key to deciding between the both of you how much to spend on your wedding. At the end of the day the reason you get married is so you can both live and work together to attain a healthy relationship.


If you want to make sure you continue happiness throughout the build up to the big day you need to work out a budget and stick to it. Going over the budget would result in either bad debt, leading to unhappiness and potentially put unnecessary strain on your new marriage.  

Unfortunately, sometimes money can be an enemy and when planning a budget and can cause major disagreement between a couple. There is so much information on the internet and publications and there are so many products to buy, which provides you with many ideas and potentially makes it harder to stick to a budget. To create a wonderful occasion on the day, it is vital that a couple discusses and agrees on a final budget.


Finalise a budget and then save all the penny’s you can afford

A great tip – agree finances before the wedding planning. The people involved in the decision-making process need to know exactly how much funds are available to spend on the entire wedding.

To aggrandise your definitive budget, you should start saving early for your wedding and hopefully you may end up a few pounds more. Plan well in advance and you may exceed your budget expectations and leave you in a position where you can upgrade certain aspects or buy more. If you keep on top of your savings, leaving you stress free could make the whole experience more enjoyable and fun, rather than panicking last minute because you’re short of money.

All decision makers must be on the same page.

Now that you have agreed on a wedding budget you can begin to move forward to some serious and enjoyable planning, however, whoever is involved with the budget must be on board and agree to it. Worst case scenario, someone could spend too much on flowers and leave you short in other areas. You do not want to jeopardise the budget.


Where to allocate the budget

Deciding an overall budget for the wedding is only the start, now you have to allocate and divide everything into categories. You need to think about the venue hire cost and anything that’s going into the venue, if you’re not using a hotel who manages all the details. Your main requirements being catering, decoration etc are a necessity, however, anticipate extra aspects which would add extra cost to your venue costs. Other essentials such as attire for bride, groom, best man, ushers and bridesmaids, transportation, music entertainment, presents & favors. If possible, keep some money to the side for any potential expenses that you have not taken into account.

Split the budget between payees

When finalising your budget make sure all the money is spread accordingly between the payees. 


Negotiate every price offered

When you mention the word wedding suppliers seem to put their prices up, no matter what service or product is being sold. It’s a good idea to get 3 different quotes for the same product or service and then go back to them and try to haggle down their price. A lot of suppliers maybe are one man bands without price policies, so you can always give it a try! Of course, if you have a £400 budget for entertainment look for a band or DJ that falls into that price bracket and then try to negotiate a discount. Always shop around to find the best deal, but do not compromise on quality. You can always find good service quality for any budget, you just need to compare and negotiate.


Do It Yourself to save money

Where possible, try to do what you can yourself to help save the pennies. A good example would be to make your own wedding invitations or other decorations, giving you extra cash to spend in other areas. There are so many tuition videos online that can help you create perfect invitations, so all you need are raw materials. If you’re using a florist just ask them to sort out flower arrangements that you cannot and maybe you can make up a table decoration, by using empty jars or pots and filling with those flowers.

If you can’t afford something do not let that deter you from going ahead, but see if you can make or do it yourself!

You will find it much more rewarding and be proud if you can make or do more yourself.


Be prepared for extra expenses

There is so much to think about when planning your wedding, so it is inevitable that details will be missed for left out, causing potential extra costs. If you come across or think of something you need which potentially puts you over budget, you probably will have to take some budget from another area. The simple and effective way of controlling what you spend to stay aware and appreciate there may be a few repercussions and some changes may be required along the way.

Keep happy to make it the experience one to remember with joy

Money causes frustration between any couple, or any company, or between friends and family members. Let each other know where you’re spending money or other persons involved wit the budget and the puzzle will piece together successfully, leaving you both to enjoy the planning and build up to your wedding day.

Planning the build up is one of the first lessons to being a married couple.

Good luck and have a great wedding build up and day! 


Carl Tulumello works as a professional DJ for Best Event mobile discos. He provides professional DJ hire in Berkshire and entertains all occasions.