Booking request is not binding until both parties have confirmed and have sent you a confirmation. The customer fills in the rental request via the form on the website, then will check availability and then return to the customer with a quotation or booking confirmation by common oral or written agreement.


Existing equipment, with or without a DJ, is bound to or its suppliers have confirmed the booking verbally or in writing. For all bookings must be full payment is always the organiser before the games start (see prices) unless otherwise agreed. The following cancellation: Cancellation more than 10 days before the event is free. Cancellation 10 to 5 days before the event are charged 50% of the total cost.Cancellation 5-2 days before the event is charged 75% of the total cost. Cancellation on the day before or the day of the event is charged 100% of the total cost.


Payment must be made in advance and payment must be to no later than the last working day before the event unless arranged otherwise Payments may also be issued for cash invoice, but no later than before the games start, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


For bookings where DJ is the customer receives five hours of effective running time from scheduled game start. Playtime outside of those five hours is charged per hour or as agreed. In the case of delay of game start because of circumstances that no control over, such a dinner is delayed, will be included in the effective playing time. The customer is responsible for their booked hours allocated.Time for rigging and dismantling of equipment are not counted toward the playing time.


The equipment belongs to the DJ. The renter may therefore not loan, sell, pledge, rent, transfer or cause the equipment abroad without written consent. Rent hire the equipment without the written permission of, owns the right to charge additional rent at the current rate, or according to the renter charged the rental fee to a third party. Violators will immediately be reported to the police. In the event of legal action against hyresman that may affect right be promptly notified and this contract is undertaken of the bailiff or the bankruptcy trustee. is justified by reasonable notice, access to the equipment for servicing, inspection, replacement or withdrawal of this.


Rent is charged according to the “RATES” and counted from the time the equipment released from or its suppliers and by the time the equipment is returned. Rent charged to the renter per started calendar days. The rent is always paid in advance and proof of payment must be included in delivery unless a special agreement concluded to this effect. For Sundays, no extra days rental.


The renter is responsible for the equipment is assembled, installed and maintained properly and that this is suitable for use. not responsible for errors or equipment damage, personal injury, caused by errors in the use of the room’s electrical system, fault of the renter made installation or connection to both the AC power to other equipment that is not rented out or approved by If disputes arise regarding the installation, Lessee promptly contacts for advice.


The renter is responsible for the entire rental period for equipment damage incurred during transport or by fire, vandalism, neglect, or incorrect wiring performed by anyone other than or authorised person. The renter is also responsible for damage to other equipment connected to the equipment or if it would damage the equipment and the personal or property damage. The renter has no right, even though he is technically proficient, that interfere with the equipment or cause other than the person authorised to perform repairs on this. Have as a result of action by the lessee page fault on the equipment is not obliged to exchange, another flawless equipment available or to repair the equipment without the renter pays the remuneration therefor. The renter is responsible fully for the rented equipment and to ensure to avoid property damage and theft. Errors induced by the electrical system or other peripheral devices are the renter for. Hidden errors and things that can be considered as errors in retrieval responsible landlord for.

5. DOWNTIME is responsible for ensuring that equipment is operative during the rental period, with the exception of the situations mentioned in 3 and 4 above. Failure of the equipment shall immediately be notified to must therefore either promptly repair equipment or replace it with another of similar type and model currently have available. For such replacement equipment to what is provided for in the Agreement. Deduction for rent paid only for the time the equipment was not operational. disclaims liability for inconvenience or costs that may arise for the renter because of material defects in the equipment or circumstances no control over.


The hirer undertakes to keep the equipment under supervision while in use and to keep it locked up, preferably raised the alarm room, when not in use. The equipment shall in no case be kept in vehicles other than during transportation. Would despite these measures, losses occur is the renter must immediately make a police report and notify about the incident. In case of loss of rental equipment, the actual value of the goods will be charged the renter.


For the lease of radio communication, it is the renter that is responsible for the necessary permits and licenses purchased on the Post and Telecom Agency.


In return, the equipment must be in same condition as at the disclosure. Speakers and cables shall be cleaned of any. adhesive residue, wax stains and beverage spills. All cables should be coiled. If the customer is in arrears with the return of the equipment and it is not due to, and if nothing else is agreed, will be charged extra days rental for each day of the rates corresponding to the rental price at the rent.


  1. We reserve the right for price updates, which have not been updated on our website in time.
  2. Variations in peripheral may exist such as cables, mounts, holders, stands, etc. We always keep the highest quality for your safety and the necessary peripherals for your rent.