Our Equipment – Best Event


The Sound System

The Mackie sound system delivers live sound that sounds like it should. The built-in technology allows the DJ to get on with their job and not worry about watching levels and making sure the sound remains loud and crystal clear. At no point will the sound go distorted, no matter how loud we go! A sound system preferred by professionals in the studio and DJ’s, making a perfect system for your party.


Mackie Bass Speaker mackie-srm450v2




A very efficient light and powerful laser that projects the entire dance floor and back walls. The laser effect shoots out hundreds of sharp beams, amazing patterns and dots that scatter all over and create a special appearance. On top of a great laser are red, green, blue and white lights and projects in time with the music. You can be sure to get the ‘night club’ feel when these are in action. With 25W of LED power, your dance floor and venue will be filled with bright colours and cool patterns and whilst linked together the show will be fully synchronised. A built-in microphone and technology make an intelligent system which moves in time with the music to create the right atmosphere and ambience. To see these lights in action please click play below.



The easy way of bringing an effective mirror ball to your party with this colour changing effect. The rich, powerful beams of light project to the dance floor, walls and ceiling without fading. With built-in mic technology, the Sunray spins at the right speed to project amazing lighting all over the venue room. To be used as a mirror ball or another light on the rig, you will notice the 34 colours as it’s in motion.



Using this 22W LED lighting effect, we can create the perfect mood and ambience by switching the endless amount of colours. To be used an up lighter, spreading the walls or directed to certain areas of the room we have the freedom to get the lighting absolutely right. With remote control, we are in total control of your wishes. Some bridal couples have had the lighting focus.




The original form of mixing and without doubt the most reliable way to keep the party going. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when we are playing using the real thing! Whilst using Serato we can play any song without even changing the vinyl over. Any DJ would prefer to play on 1210’s and the reason why? Because they’re so much fun to play on. If the DJ is having fun then so are your guests!