What Makes our Mobile Disco Stand Out!



Ok, so you have seen by searching on the internet that there are a lot of mobile discos and DJs advertising their services. It is hard to choose which mobile disco to choose. There probably isn’t much difference between most of the mobile discos out there, however, at Best Event we have experience and have been involved in the industry for a long time.

If you ask most DJs how many nights a week they work, they will probably say 2 nights, Friday and Saturday. Our DJs spent most of their career working abroad at holiday resorts, and are used to working 6 days a week. During the summer months 7 days a week! Add this up over the year and what do you get? A very experienced and well knowledge DJ! Working abroad is a challenge compared to the UK, let me explain. Abroad the bars and clubs are all free entry and the price of drinks the same, so people are always in and out. This was fine in the summer time when the streets were busy, however, during the winter months the town was quiet so keeping the audience in the bar was hard work. It was essential to play the right music so the audience remained on the dance floor and didn’t wander off to another bar. Keeping the dance floor busy and full of energy is something we seem to be very good at. Our mobile disco can cater for any occasion or event because of our massive library of music from all over the world and our DJs who have played for the toughest crowds. Music choice is key, so we always test out with the audience what they will want to hear early on in the night. Our DJs do this by playing a massive range of music nice and early in the evening whilst guests are Sat down talking to each other or when they’re entering the venue. 

Use of the microphone is something that we are experts in, and we can assure you that it gets any crowd hyped up. We do not Swear, offend people, and we know when to an when not to use the microphone. 

Best Event can assure you that you and your guests will be entertained all night long. If you’re not we will promise to refund your money!