Keep the Dancefloor Busy and Keep to your Budget




Whether you hire a band, DJ, or just want to play your own music selection through an MP3 player, there is always a way to keep the dance floor busy. To be honest, these are the only options you have to play music for your guests and depending on your budget, you will think what option is best for you. The more guests you have, the more important it probably is to have a DJ or band as there will be varied music tastes amongst the audience.


If you have zero cash to spend on entertainment you will have to play music through some sort of player and I will explain a few good ways to get people dancing. If you have a small crowd, it can be fairly straight forward. Way before the party start requesting favorite tracks and also tracks that will get people dancing. For example a favorite song could be a slow acoustic song which at prime time for dancing wouldn’t get the crowd going. If you have a slow song request play it at the start of the night, or maybe right at the end, especially if it is a sing along classic. Your music player should build up from the background, or easy listening, music and then for most of the night floor fillers should be on the play list.


Depending on your budget, you the best way to make sure your guest area entertained is to hire a DJ and mobile disco or band. For me, you can’t beat live music and even if their music isn’t possible to your taste, you are sure to have a good night as long as the band is good at singing, performing and all-round entertaining. If they can take requests that would be a bonus as they’re probably versatile in what they can sing and this is good if you have a mixed preference in band type music. The downside to having a band is they take breaks which can affect the atmosphere and people coming and going from the and off the dance-floor could have a negative effect on the evening. They can be very expensive, so for a good band you will need a large budget and the length of time they’re playing will of course determine the total cost.


Your next best option is to hire a DJ and mobile disco. With a good professional DJ you’re guaranteed to hear the music you want and for the crowd to be entertained and the dance-floor busy at all times. A mobile disco brings a nightclub to the venue with moving lights, lasers and fantastic sounds. A good lighting system really does add to the atmosphere! The DJ should also be a good entertainer and be good on the microphone to interact with the audience and individuals. Some mobile discos to come with different prices, so be sure to ask what you get for your money.