How To Plan a Teenage Disco Party

How To Plan a Teenage Disco Party

You are the parent and your teenage son or daughter wants a party, and you’re left to plan it! It’s not as easy as you think as we all know how fussy and demanding teenagers can be! Why not throw them a teenage disco giving them a party to remember. All you need is a venue, some food & drink and of course DJ and mobile disco supplied by a professional to play fantastic music. When you hire a DJ you don’t need to worry if there are a few guests over their teenage years as the DJ will know what to play to keep them happy. In the world we live in today image is a big part of life, so hiring a DJ for your teenage disco is a great way to help make the party lively, fun and cool!

How To Plan a Teenage Disco Party london

As a parent, you may not be into the same music styles as your children and you don’t want to embarrass them by choosing the music for their teenage birthday, especially if the tunes could be a bit old or unpopular. There are many mobile disco’s and DJ’s so you won’t have any trouble finding the right service that can provide the entertainment for the teenage disco – just ask the right questions. You need to make sure the DJ has plenty of upfront music, of course mainly chart music with a good selection of older tracks, but not too old! Make sure the mobile disco you hire is modern looking, and from experience most teenagers want nightclub style lighting effects, especially the 16th and 18th Birthday parties!


Even though it is a bit of a personal question find out the age of the DJ, as a younger one would better with a young crowd. They must also be good on the microphone to get the crowd motivated and to wish happy birthday. A teenage disco should defiantly be geared up for everyone to dance, so a good size dance floor is required. You can be sure when the DJ drops a party tune, like LMFAO or Gangman Style a lot of the dancers will be having a dance-off, which adds a lot of fun to the party. Ask the DJ to cut off the music and get everyone, and I mean everyone to sing Happy Birthday is a great way to make some feel special, important, and appreciated. Straight after the singing the DJ could drop the your son or daughter’s favourite party song! Another great way to make them feel extra special!

The fancy dress could also be another great option, so maybe a cool theme like pop stars would be a good choice, so the DJ can play all the tunes that belong to the pop stars. When setting up the venue make sure the DJ and mobile disco is on the dance floor and not tucked away so the DJ can see what is going on at all times. The DJ will be controlling the teenage disco and the dance floor area. Why not throw a surprise teenage disco! This would for sure make your son or daughter smile, so why not plan one. You will need to do a lot of work, inviting people, setting up, and at the same time you need to try to keep the teenage disco a secret. If all goes to plan but I’m sure it will pay off by the end of the party and everyone including your son or daughter will be very grateful.