How to be a Good Wedding DJ




It’s so easy to mix two records together and call yourself a DJ but if you’re a professional DJ, you know this is not the case.

Most Wedding receptions are all the same, however they do require a professional Wedding DJ to work properly and enthusiastically. If you have been to a Wedding reception recently you will know the whole family will be there; from Nan & Grandad right down to the Grand kids. And friends around the same age as the bride and groom. Any Wedding DJ should be behind the decks knowing that the music selection will be very broad from the 60’s (depending on Nan & Grandad’s age) right up to today’s pop chart tunes. Ok, so not everyone at the same time will be 100% satisfied, however, if a well known song is played from the 60’s chances are the youngsters will know it anyway! This should work vice versa, if the DJ plays a well know song from today’s charts, chances are the older generation should know it! The DJ should be very open minded also and take requests during the night, but should also be very cautious and not play anything that could potentially offend young children or anyone else for that matter. Well before the reception party all Wedding DJs should meet up with their clients to arrange special requests and dedications for either groups or individuals. Even the songs that you don’t like should be mentioned to save the DJ getting a funny look from people. If the wedding DJ is prepared with requested music from the party it can really reflect positively on the party. It can surprise people if their favorite song comes on without requesting it on the night and this really does help create a fantastic atmosphere on the dance floor. The process for any wedding DJ should be read the dance floor and decide what music would suit the crowd. If everyone is still sitting down and the dance floor is empty the Wedding DJ should get on the microphone and introduce the bride and grooms reception party! This will get people in the mood, and hopefully on the dance floor. Using the microphone is essential during the Wedding reception. Introducing the bride and groom on for the first dance, and making dedications through the night is a must. The wedding DJ should remain professional at all times and not offend anyone by using bad language for example.


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