Choosing the Right DJ for your Party or Event


Well, in this article I will let you know what to look for before you hire a DJ for your party or event. In my experience I can honestly say that the difference between a good DJ and bad DJ is as different as being bored or entertained, which essentially is how your guests will be by the end of the night. You need to pretty much interview the mobile discos you speak to prior to hiring so you can be sure you’re going to be more than satisfied and well entertained by the end of your party. If you’re holding a wedding reception for example, you can be sure that the night must be perfect so don’t waste your money and cut corners by hiring cheap, cowboy style DJs. If the prospect DJ offers a really low total cost for a night’s work you can be sure that something is dodgy. For example, you wouldn’t go out and buy a really cheap car that looked expensive, because the chance of something being faulty underneath the bonnet is high! The same with DJs! The going rate for hiring a mobile disco service for a wedding is around £350 – £500 depending on the number of hours and the amount and type of equipment used on the night. If you get a cheap quote the DJ is either a good friend or he/she is using cheap and tacky equipment. In the past, I’ve been at parties, where the speakers were low in quality and power, causing distortion. There is nothing worse, I can assure you, than experiencing poor quality sound and light. Perhaps ask what sort equipment the DJ is planning on using at your party. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about sound and lighting equipment, don’t worry. I’m sure you will get a couple of quotes so ask the DJ what equipment they use, then with a simple Google search you can certainly find out what’s good and what’s bad and compare what deals you’re offered.


The next element of a good DJ is their music collection, which will of course will make or break an event! Being A DJ, I love collecting music and now have over 30,000 songs in the library and this way, most of the time when I get a request, I will certainly have the song. Music knowledge, reading the dance floor and motivation are the key skills to being a good DJ.


You could go that extra bit further when talking to the prospect DJ and ask what music player they use. For example, I use 2 technic vinyl decks with my music hub being a laptop. When using decks you really need to get involved and go between the 2 players and control the vinyl’s with your hands.. This keeps me motivated and creates a central point of view to the audience as I’m keeping in time with the music all night. For me, and I’m sure, for 99% of other Disc Jockeys will agree is the most enjoyable and authentic way to play music. If you ask the DJ and he/she says “I only use a laptop”, you can be sure that they will probably be sitting down all night looking at their laptop, and not really paying attention to the audience. Paying attention to the dance floor and the audience is one of the most important factors for a DJ!


Here at Best Event we only use the best equipment and provide highly motivated and well musically knowledge DJ’s who will provide a memorable party or event, so if you’re planning a party and need  to hire a DJ and mobile disco get in touch!