Choice of Catering for your Wedding




Out of all the services that you use catering is one of the main and most important parts. A caterer would provide food and drink throughout the day from the moment the Bride & Groom arrive at cleaning up. This, of course, is a very important role for any company to fill. If you have no experience with catering companies this article should give you a head start in what you need to achieve.

If the wedding venue offers or recommends a service that they regularly use then this will normally be your best and cost effective choice. However, it will definitely be a good and safe choice to ask for references and go for a tasting session to make sure you’re getting quality.

There are definitive questions that you should ask and these are their history, quality, reliability, price and other related issues. Don’t take someone’s word as their expectation may be different to yours and may not be the right solution for you. Some companies specialise in certain events but not all.

Beaumonet Estate

Beaumont Estate

The two main styles of catering are:

Sit down dinner – Normally served to your table rather than a buffet self-service option will need waiters and waitresses. A sit-down dinner will require more tables and chairs because all guests will be eating at the same time for the wedding breakfast. There will normally be a set menu for all guests, so less flexibility as there will be less to choose from. To give your guests choice of what’s available to eat and drink, it is a good idea to include menus with the invitations. Once you know who is having what you can finalise numbers with your caterer.

Buffet – You may not need so many tables and chairs with this option bringing down cost. Your guests will have more choice of food and have flexibility as to when they can eat and at what time. The buffet will require fewer staff as there will be no table service. Your guests will always have the option to go for second helpings also which can prove to be an added bonus. What you pay is what you get and although the food may be high quality there isn’t table service and some may not like this.

Of course at the end of the day it is your wedding and all are different. Like any good service what you pay is what you get, however, shop around for a good deal and do not be afraid to negotiate prices to get a good competitive deal. If you have a low budget there is a service for you out there that will make you more than happy.